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The Powder Feeding Story Most fertilizer brands on the market require customers to buy a line of products, making things expensive and complicated. Green House Seed Company aimed in the opposite direction, creating a powder product that delivers unprecedented results with minimum cost and a user-friendly approach. Easier to transport, easier to store, easier to use, […]

Blossom Blood


Hello , We are looking for some success story’s on ” How you use Blossom Blood , and the benefits you have seen “ Please post some success story’s and you can help others benefit also . I personally have used Blossom Blood in the second week of flowering and again 2 weeks later . […]

We are happy to announce that Gold Label Nutrients will be available in December! The philosophy behind Gold Label Nutrients is simple: Use the best possible professional ingredients and make it adaptable to every style of growing. Gold Label Nutrients are specifically developed to work best with Special Mix substrates, but can also be used […]

I recently set up a mammoth tent in my office and I am really impressed with the quality of mammoth  and how easy it was to set up .I set this up in 15 minutes by myself and I have never set one up before , so I was very impressed .  They are available […]

Hello world!


  Rambridge is officially online! We’ve joined the digital revolution and are now bringing you the latest information about our products. Follow us here to see what’s new, and find out more about our great products! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or watch our channel on YouTube for how-to videos and product information.  Comment […]